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6.5 running on Win 10 64 bit crashing

installed 6.5 on Win 10 64 bit and entered chart data, but can't see any files loaded either when I select "famous" in the drop-down and no charts are displayed even though it says 2 client files are loaded. Program simply closes when I select a previously saved client file (there are only 2), no error messages, although sometimes get "run-time error '91: Object variable or With block variable not set"

Hi Adrian.

Huh! That's not supposed to happen.. You didn't say it clearly, but from the text I conclude that you had an old version (6.3?) installed when you installed 6.5? Can you confirm that it was 6.3 or anything older?


Update: Just to calm you, and others, in case you updated and something went wrong with the import of your old chart files, nothing is lost. Your old files have been left intact and it's possible to redo the process.

Thanks for the speedy reply Joakim. I used to run 6.2 but I had to reinstall Windows and after that 6.2 wouldn't load so I've been without Astrocalc for about 9 months. I can see all the ASTROCW files on my D:\ drive which, when I look at the properties, was created in 2011, this is where I installed it at the time. 6.5 by default installs to c:\ so there shouldn't be any conflict between the two, I can delete 6.2 as the uninstall won't run, if that is what you suggest, although I'll lose all the client data. I was so looking forward to having Astrocalc up and running again, I had it configured exactly how I wanted and was able to give good, sound Astro advice to family and friends. I had to install Winstar as a last resort, even though I have a 50 year ephemeris and could refer to that - too long winded when it's on a PC.

Is it possible to install 6.5 on my D:\ drive and overwrite the ASTROCW folder and files, might this help? I'm at a loss. I've uninstalled and re-installed 6.5. Downloaded the install exe file again etc etc, but whatever I do can't see any charts in the famous drop-down and as I said if I try to load one of my 2 saved client files the programme closes.
Help please

Adrian, let's see if I got this right. You have the old 6.2 program in place as it was previously installed, but it wont run because you had to reinstall Windows, which obviously caused the programs system settings to be lost, so the system has no knowledge of it being there. In other words, it's just a set of files placed at an odd location.?

If this is correct, you can try this; Uninstall 6.5 if still installed. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\ and delete the folder "Astrocalc Software".

Now go to "Documents\Astrocalc Software\Chartdata\" and delete the file "charts.acdb", also check that you have 5 other files there, Chartlist.dbl, and 4 Charts with various extension endings.

From the top of my head, I cannot recall if there were any significant changes to the settings files, in relation to 6.2, but I don't think so. Thus, you should now be able to reinstall 6.5 to be OK.

If there are problems, you can try to "move out" the "Documents\Astrocalc Software\Astrocalc\Data" folder to have these created with default values, and you can test to "move in" the files from there one by one to restore you old settings, and start with "astrocalc.ini". Or if it is called "astro.ini" rename it.

Last resort if that fails, would be to make a copy of D:\Astrocw at C:\Astrocw before you install 6.5 and that would at least pick up your charts there and some others like orbs I think.

Yes, I have fixed the installation location to the default according to Microsoft's recommendations. It's simply to simplify things and help people to new mess things up. Program takes up very little space so shouldn't be a problem.

Let's hope for the best!

Joakim, uninstalled 6.5 through control panel and deleted folder. Went to Documents\astrocalc software and deleted charts.acdb but Chartlist.dbl, and 4 Charts with various extension endings were not there. I'll try moving the D:\ drive folder ASTROCW to C:\ and reinstall 6.5 see how we go!!

If Chartdata was empty, I think you may need to delete it. BTW, why don't you do a computer wide search for "Charts.dbc" as Windows may have moved the files on reinstallation. On my system though, Windows search seems to have problem to find anything when adding an extension, so try to search for "Charts" simply, and if you find the files move or copy them to the correct location. This also goes for the Astrocalc\Data folder and the others.

Joakim, that sort of worked, I can't see any of the "famous" charts from the drop-down but I can see my own client data and see the wheel. I don't need the "famous" as I'm not interested. I'll load more chart data and let you know how I go. Many thanks, sometimes the solution is so simple:- move astrocw folder from d:\ to c:\.

Joakim, I understand that you follow MS recommendations for the installation of 6.5 but might it not be prudent to allow users the choice if they are experienced users and avoid all of these upsets. I' so happy that I can load data into 6.5 and see wheels.

The graphics in Winstar are total rubbish.

Joakim, from my point of view you can close this post. very happy to be using Astrocalc again