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Boot Camp Mac

Hi Joakim!

Running your software on a Mac under bot Camp, Win- 10 64 bit. Installation OK. Starting the program there is a prompt about Something, something Updating, the program end. Starting it again and the input screen appears, registering client and  save and program ends. Repeating process with the same result. Mac and Boot Camp is up to date as well as Windows. Any idea?

Best regards, Peter Öberg


Hi Peter,

sorry for taken me some time to get back to you, and unfortunately it's not with a solution for you. I don't have access to any Mac computer so not able to make any testing myself. It's hard to say what's happening here but most likely it's something hardware related as I have never heard of anything like this on a "normal" Win10 installation.

As I'm not able to test myself there only way I see to make progress is to create a specially crafted executable with debug code that can return some info about what's going wrong and where it happens. It can be a tiresome process where we may have to redo the procedure several times with a new executable, so are you willing to put some effort to make a try solving the issue?