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Error message when starting Astrocalc,

Hi Joakim
It's just started to occur, 2 error messages when trying to run the programme,
1st one "module main invalid procedure call or argument"
2nd one is "Runtime error 482: printer error"
Programme won't run, no attached printer powered on.

Hi Adrian,

It's hard to conclude what causes this type of problem when it's working and then on next start it doesn't. The logical indication is that something in the environment where Astrocalc is running has changed between the two moments. On Astrocalc's part, there are two known areas that may cause problem. The first is that the program can run into problem if it doesn't find a Default Printer connected/configured in "Devices and Printers" or if the Default Printer isn't accessible.  You say "no attached printer powered on", does it mean there is a printer attached but it's switched Off or no printer attached at all?

If there is a printer, try to switch it on, but in any case go to "Devices and Printers" in Windows Start menu and make sure it has a Default Printer set. If you are on Windows 10 and have no printer, I suggest to set "Microsoft print to pdf" as the Default Printer, which allows you to "print" pdf documents.

If the above doesn't solve it, we will move on to the 2nd known area, which is a general issue of corruption in saved user data, but hopefully we wont have to go there as it can be rather tricky and cumbersome to spot a problem of this kind.

Hi Joakim,
I added my printer as the Default printer in Win 10 and the programme started. I was concerned about corruption in saved user data but the printer trick did the job.
Many thanks,