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Import and Group issues


I just installed Astrocalc 6.5 and wanted to create a new group, but both from the main screen and the Chart Manager,  it didn't work. I clicked on the + button, typed in a new group name, and hit ok, and the program beeped at me but no new group.

Also, I tried to do a Quick Chart import, and nothing happened. It's not working.

The same with the Janus import.

I also had a program crash, and will try to reproduce that.


Hi Hank,

and thanks for reporting. For this release I replaced the charts database engine and I think these errors relates to that. The imports of other than Astrocalc charts hasn't been hooked up yet as frankly I didn't expect anyone still using those old import formats (with exception of Quick charts maybe). The groups adding I thought was working as I have used it, but maybe some of the later changes has broke something. I will check.

As a general note, there is some pretty old legacy code involved here, some dating all the way back to Qbasic or even GWBasic times, that are trying to do several things in the same procedures in a manner of saving on resources. However, this is not needed today and I'm trying to sort it all out, packing it in black boxes so to speak, so once confirmed to work it should never have to be looked at again, just used when needed, to allover reduce errors and crashes. I'm not quite there yet though and some of these errors are hard to spot on changes as they can appear almost anywhere in the legacy code.

Sorry got a bet technical there, but will put these things on my todo list and development will speed up now once the hollidays have been boxed away.