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Installed new printer now the programme wont open

Hi Yesterday i had to install a new printer HP Envy 6032, and now i cant print to it as i keep getting error messages on different lines, ie 102, 112, 118 i think they were.

and Printer error 482

i then eventually close the programme but then i cant open it again as it hangs.

it says Astrocalc starting up

initialising , soon open, but just hangs.

then i have to re boot my pc, and eventually i can open the programme no problem, but cant print anything.

Please help.

I have emailed Joakim Direct and hope for a reply

Thank you

Hi Isabelle,

I'm just back from vacation, and no internet the last 10 days.

As for your problem, it appears as strange to me that change of printer, or install of a new as in this case, should have such impact on Astrocalc. Astrocalc simply uses the current Default printer, so what I can imagine could have happened, just from the top of my head, is that when you uninstalled the old one some other device automatically became default and not the new one that you installed. So what you should do is, go to "Devices and Printers" in the Windows start menu and check if the icon for the new printer have green check-mark tagged on to it, and if not right click the icon and click menu option "Set as Default printer".

Otherwise what you can do is to reinstall Astrocalc, but don't uninstall it first. This would repair any missing file that accidentally could have gone missing.

Hello thank you for your answer.

i sadly didn't see your message until today.

when i uninstalled the old printer it had defaulted to "one note for windows 10" in the printer, so think that could hav ebeen a major cause.

but the programme has now started to work again.

But for future reference this is the error messages i kept getting

The programme/ my pc  kept giving these error message .

printer error, in astrocalc.modprinting.initprinter nat line 102.the programme may not be able to continue

then, astrocalc.clswheelprint.printsinglewheel at line 108

then in astrocalc.wheel.mnuprint_click at line 118

and Run-time error '482':

i hope this makes sense.

Thank you again .

i don't know what i would have done had this not been resolved, i love this app and have been using astrocalc for nearly 20 years.

kind regards




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