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Repeat of error message when starting Programme

Hi Joakim,
That error message I had previously has come back.
Module Main
Invalid procedure call or argument.

Previously you suggested this might be a corruption of client data which we were both hoping it wasn't.
Any help would be appreciated.
I have made no changes to the system since last running the programme.

Hi Adrian and sorry for late reply but I have been recovering from Covid-19.

Hm, these start up errors are always hard to catch when it happens to someone but not to others. One thing to check is if you have a Default Printer set in "Printers and Devices" and whether it's switched on or not. I'm not sure if the latter is necessary but a current weakness in the program is that it needs to access the systems printer object on startup for initialization, something I currently am trying to code around. If you have no printer connected, set the "Microsoft print to pdf" to Default on Windows 10.

Hi Joakim,
Hope you're recovering ok. Yep with printer turned on all is working.
thank you