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run-time error

run-time error 482 came when I tried to print interpretation. Epson px720wd printer. win 10. Now program will not load.

Hi Anthony,

that's strange, I just printed a natal interpretation here, both for wheel text and the "Linked Phrases" option, no errors. You don't state exactly what kind of interpretation you tried to print, so assume it was natal?

As it prints fine here, it probably has something to do with your local conditions, either that something has gone wrong with your text files or their configuration, the other option would most likely be that your printer isn't reachable for some reason e.g. is "off-line" or it's cable isn't properly connected, alternatively if it's a WiFi networked printer, the link to the printer is broken somehow. These are just suggestions you could check.

As for program not launching after, this can be a sign that it indeed has to do with the printer, as suggested above. If Astrocalc is expecting to find a printer but for some reason it cannot, it may run into problems like this. Do you get any error message when you try to launch it?

At this point, it's hard to tell in specifics what to do, but the first thing I always try myself when a program refuses to start after an error, is to restart Windows itself as chance is that due to the error it didn't release all the memory resources it held on to. In fact, a simple restart may not be enough, because some "states" can in fact survive this due to the power is never really switched off. So a complete shutdown and start is recommended. Please let me know if this changes anything.

Also a note, I will leave Sunday morning for the Mountains over the New Year celebrations, and wont be back until 2 January 2020, so that basically gives me tonight to address this, with possibly a short reply in the morning.

By the way, make sure that you have set the printer that you try to print to as the Default Printer, Astrocalc always sprint to the printer set as Default, so if you have more than one printer and the Default one is switched off or off-line (not ready), this may cause this error as well.