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System crashes when I try to add or open a client chart

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Dear Joakim - Like other users I have just tried to install Astrocalc 6.5 on a brand new computer.  I type in the information for new client but when I press 'add' the application suddenly closes.  I've tried this repeated times including ticking the save box.  It does appear to save but when I click on the saved client the application closes again.  Can you advise?  Many thanks   Denise.

Dear Denise,

I'm sorry for you having an issue, and it appears something is askew with the Data Entry somehow, although I never experienced that problem here. I am investigating, and in fact rewriting the Data Entry dialog addressing a confusion with use of the County field. Now sure if that's what behind the problem or not, but could you post a screenshot showing all the details you have filled in before clicking on Add?

I aim to make a new release on Friday with the rewritten dialog, but would still appreciate a screenshot as it may tell me something.

Many thanks Joakim.  My husband is my tech adviser and he's looking into doing a screenshot.


Hi Joakim - please see screenshot attached as requested.

All the best





Uploaded files:
  • Denise-Hay-Screenshot-191219.png

Thanks Deneise,

I see nothing unusual there, but think I have found what the problem is so a new release will soon be out as a remedy.

Thanks so much Joakim!  Happy Christmas!

Just for the completeness, this issue should have been solved with the release before Christmas.

Hello Joakim,
I've downloaded the new software but whatever I do it still crashes when I try to input any details. I'm using the Huber module but can'[t get past adding any info beyond name, d.o.b & latitude etc.
I'm trying to work out how this new program works based on a previous chart.
Any help please as the newest download still appears to have bugs.
Kind regards
Pauline Fewkes

Pauline, was this a first installation or did you also install an earlier 6.5 release? If you did, try to delete the files "Documents\Astrocalc Software\Chartdata\charts.acdb" and then start the program again and see if it helped?

Also, try not to enter latitude/longiture by hand but by choosing a place from the atlas, if you haven't done so.

If this doesn't help I will have to add more error trapping code for the data entry screen in next release to get some more meaningful information to work with.

Joakim, No I did not have a 6.5 installed. When my computer crashed which was the
6.2 basic Huber model, I lost everything.

I tried both methods - lat/Long by choosing a place from the atlas and also
entering it manually.
I just need a simple programme with only Huber method very similar to the 6.2 basic I
had before. Is that possible?

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