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System crashes when I try to add or open a client chart

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Let me me see if I got this right, you had Astrocalc 6.2 with Huber installed, but crashed, when you installed 6.5 or that crash was on another computer, so this was a completely fresh install of 6.5? I'm just trying to "clean up" the picture as much as possible so I better can understand and track the problem.

AS for now, I cannot really tell where these unexpected/mysterious crashes comes from, but I will add a lot of extra error trapping code to the data entry for the next release. That will hopefully reveal what I possibly have missed to think of here.

Joakim, yes 6.2 Huber was lost when my computer crashed.
This was a completely fresh install of 6.5 when you sent
your email recently saying that it was free but I only want
from this the Huber method. You say in your recent email
that the 6.5 will incorporate the Huber programme. Is that
correct? I will get my son to have a go at installing it
later at the next release.Thank you Joakim for your help.

Joakim I have downloaded the revised version you
sent recently and I found it much improved. However I note
that he 'Opposition' aspect colour comes out blue/green instead
of red. Any suggestions why this might be?

Pauline, is this for Huber and Huber only? I have no idea at this point, more than possibly something has changed that influences settings or that settings for non-huber charts may have "leaked" over. There are basically no changes to Huber in version 6.5, more that in parts that it potentially shares with the rest of the program, but if I remember correct the Huber colour settings are fixed to apply with the Huber school directions. I just uploaded latest development beta for next release in the beta area and I will investigate to possibly fix this in next beta if something has gone wrong.

If you want to have access to the beta, please let me know.

I checked this and it seems like something I changed have result in that the fixed Huber colours get overridden by the general colour settings for aspects. In a way I don't think this is a bad thing as I personally hate when someone else tell things like what colour I should have in my bed room etc. or my aspects lines. So I like to see rules more like guidelines that leaves space to break or overstep them when it makes sense to me, well aware of the original intention and purpose of course.

So for now, simply click on the "Colour" button in the upper right corner to open the settings and then change the aspects colours as you want them. I will look to create a special Huber profile for a later release, with proper default choices.

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