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Astrocalc crashing

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Yes, it pinpoints the exact location where the error occurs, but there should be more information in the error dialog that pops up? Can you please post everything it says there or even better post a screen shot? Also take a screen shop of how the whole data entry screen looks before you click on Add button?

Actually, I think I have figured out what the problem is. I have updated the file, so can you please download again and see if it works now?


i managed to get the program to run without crashing but had problems after I went to print. It printed chart out but then I had an error message of 'run time error 482 printer error and then the it crashed.
each time I try to start up the programme, same message comes up and it crashes - I cannot start it up now. Any thoughts


tried downloading again - it wont run at all still getting same error message 'run time error 482 printer error and then crashes

Hi Joakim
When I first downloaded this new version it was fine. I use Huber charts but now it crashes everytime I get to Adding in the place coordinates. There is no error message - it just fails amnd closes. I have reloaded the program but the same thing keeps Happening. I have a class that i run tonight and need to enter charts for 2 new students - can you help please?

Can you use the Windows restore function to roll back to the Astrocalc version that worked ok?

Hi, and sorry for the delays but I have just uploaded a new release, Astrocalc, which I hope will solve this crash problem.

Downloaded and installed … and program no longer crashing when entering a new chart.

Very pleased with new facility to turn off planets and aspects, which I have now tested and found to be working as intended.

Using Lenova laptop and Windows 10 … attached to 21" ACER monitor (1920 x 1080 resolution), APPLE eMAC keyboard + mouse … 4GB ram 40GB hard-drive … AMD E300 APU processor with Raedon (tm) HD Graphics 1.30 GHz

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